Top 5 Tips To Bring Transparency To Your Team Using Time Tracking Software

If you wish to improve the organization and efficiency in your team, these tips are the best you can get on how the time tracking software works.


Without transparency at your organization, there will likely be confusion and lack of clarity in the efficiency of individuals and groups. You will not know the amount of time spent on specific tasks or different tasks assigned to them.

Hence, offering support and guidance is almost impossible; causing you to lose track of your team. You’d just have to trust them to utilize their time wisely, and complete tasks of importancFrome by themselves.

This doesn’t have to be the case with a time tracking software. It’s a kind of software that calculates the efficiency an individual or group of employees has spent completing a specific set of task or tasks assigned to them. Using a time tracking software, you can monitor all your performances and see areas where time is being spent on particular tasks. Therefore, worrying about the progress of your projects would be a thing of the past.

For an individual or a group tasked with monitoring the team’s performance and progress, you will want to observe the following important tips for managing your team with a time tracking software, in a way that increases efficiency as well as transparency. Transparency will expand your organization by creating a culture of accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency. Try these tips.

Check out the top 5 tips that bring transparency in your team:

Tip 1 – Keep track of all employee’s activities

To ensure transparency in your team, track the time spent on particular tasks done by individuals or group of employees. Also monitor every activity on projects or tasks at a micro-level, so that progress and status can exist at a glance. With a time tracking software, you can interact directly with employee’s and address individual issues, by envisioning tasks in a timeline. It ensures that quality time is spent on particular tasks, applications are only used for work-related activities at work hours, applications are not running in a backdrop, and they are active.

Keep track of all employee’s activities

Use actiTIME to track your team’s work results and progress by providing employee’s with useful product information. Companies like Intel utilize actiTIME to keep track of their production process and to take viable decisions accordingly.

Understanding the valid employee’s working time-division about specific tasks promotes transparent assessment of a project’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and commitment to organizational specifications. Tracking software allows you to monitor employee’s computer tasks, record them, and see them when necessary. According to time tracking software is an outstanding tool for tracking time spent by different individuals, making a great tool for productivity, process improvement, and accountability when utilized properly.

Tip 2 – Use timesheets

As a team grows, it becomes more difficult to monitor what everyone is doing and where employees are spending their work time. Having little understanding of what individuals are doing every day can cause your team to run wastefully and inefficiently. To ensure this does not occur, you can begin to have employee’s fill-in timesheets daily; where they record tasks they are working on every instant or hour they are in the workplace.

Timesheets provides an easy solution to issues that can hinder growth in companies and help reduce inefficiency, by boosting an individual’s productivity and credibility. Employee’s timesheet gives an easy way to effect important changes to how your organization runs. They can be in paper forms that each employee keeps at hand or on their desks when the day ends, online documents that employee’s fill daily, or an automated and potent online software that runs in the background and tracks what individuals are working on.

Use timesheets

A few of the best time tracking software programs includes timesheets that allow employees to divide the tasks according to the project and makes billing easy. Timesheets allow you to record working hours on the field or at the office. It has a control panel that shows actual-time data to assist you in managing employee working hours.

If there is a problem with payroll, timesheets will be useful to verify your employee’s working hours. As an effective time tracking software, managers will have the right tools they require to efficiently control their employee’s attendance. Get a detailed log of all employee’s attendance with Timesheet.

Tip 3 – Pay for how much work is done

Compare the estimated hours with actual working hours. Pay for only productivity hours to the employees who extend work more than the required time, also follow the same in the case of remote employees.

For your business to be relevant, you’ll need to ensure the amount you are charging a client is higher than the price used in completing the project. To determine costs, the only way is to figure out the number of hours expended on the project. This is where time tracking software is needed. Without a time tracking tool, many establishments can’t realize that some projects they engage in are actually unproductive.

Pay for how much work is done

Time tracking tools help to estimate the duration each task takes for customers and gives the most transparent and error-free bill. This helps to build trusts with clients, while also making sure you are levying appropriately for the time spent. Using a time tracker, you can ascertain the accuracy and productivity of time used by any employee for transparent journals and ensure agreement in labor principles.

Tip 4 – Manage employee payroll problems easily

The challenging phase in every organization is unexpected errors while processing payments. No matter how accurate the manual work is, there will be mistakes in some situations. A time tracker reduces the payroll department’s necessary work and gives accurate results which include the working hours, attendance, etc. it gives insights on operations, such as, tasks that are taking up lots of your employee’s time.

Managing a business involves staying on top of different sections, including troubleshooting, client service, operations, finance... with everything occurring at once, it is tasking to control the most important business resources; people and time.

Manage employee payroll problems easily

Time tracking software provides employers with traceable workflow for payroll endorsement.

Recording employee’s timesheets, participation, and preparing payrolls takes a lot of time. It can be really overpriced, if not done rightly. Companies lose lots of money every year, as a result of bad time tracking and incorrect payroll. This can be corrected by using the right time tracking software; According to Ronald Kluger, the app is exciting for companies that focus on task orientation and monitoring.

Constant timesheet sustenance has clarified payroll processing. It tracks workers working periods regularly, and provides a clear working duration report of an employee. Hence, assisting the HR department in generating wages calculation, by minimizing inaccuracies in the process if any like in 500HRIS. With a time tracking software, employers can save an aggregate of 5.8% on total payroll expenses when they run payroll.

Tip:5–Effective planning and budgeting

Budgets are extremely difficult to estimate. Without budget tracking, you can’t make sure your team is expending the exact amount of resources on several tasks, according to priorities. Supervising a project’s budget is a huge responsibility, as you need to control risk, coordination costs, and ensuring budget expenses are minimal.

Running out of cash and excessive spending are common consequences of inappropriate budget coordination. Accurate budget tracking helps you remain accountable and transparent to associates –explaining how resources are being utilized.

Effective planning and budgeting

Employers can have a standard project rate, making it simple to account for contractors added to the team.

Tracking budgets using a manual tracker like excel can be time-consuming due to manual entry of data, making it prone to human error. Using a computerized tracking software helps you automatically offset and track all projects in a glance. It breaks down budget expenses by tasks assigned, project periods, and employee’s workflow.

For credibility, balance your workflow with the exact agenda that contains the project quotes, resources data, work estimates, deadlines, timelines, etc. A time tracking software lets you keep track on employees by sending a reminder, when they are behind schedule and lets you organize project budgets.


Make sure that no task, employee, or team ever falls into the trap of not being productive or allows their tasks to overrun their schedule and go by the wayside. You can use a tool like by 500apps to transform how you track your employee’s and team’s tasks and productivity while getting updates on employee progress. Finally, you can see the big picture and learn why is helping managers restore lost time and resources. You never want to pay for time spent whittling away the hours or lost on non-productive efforts that don’t result in work product.

Tools like Clockly allow you to share tasks, delegate work, manage employees, and empower your team. You can use time tracking tools like Clockly to improve efficiency and effectiveness in multiple areas of your organization. The true benefits of using a time-tracking tool in your organization is transparency, and it leads to some important realizations: you can trust your team only as far as you can see and monitor their progress. With a tool like, you will never have to wonder about how the progress of a project is going, whether an employee is working, or if a team is staying up to snuff on that important project. With time management and task software like, you can manage your organization’s tasks, teams, and time in a way that boosts productivity among your entire organization. Restore productivity and create an experience of work that you can feel good about. Get Clockly and start your free trial.


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