Best Time Tracking Software

Robust work hours tracker packed with features to help you easily manage payroll, timesheets, employees, projects, and more.

Go beyond just time tracking

  • Accurately plan and manage projects with ease.

  • Keep team members on track with remote monitoring.

  • Quickly create schedules and manage payroll on the go.

  • Reduce HR workload and boost productivity and performance.

best time tracking software

Time Tracking

Keep track of every hour, whether your team is in the office or working from home. With one click, Clockly time tracking goes to work, counting hours in the background, keeping you informed without interrupting the workflow of your employees.

time tracking
activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Track and analyze employee activities to make them work on what matters the most.

desktop widget

Desktop Widget

Download the desktop app without any extra charges. Install and set-it up to run on your machine whenever you want. Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Employee Monitoring

Manage your team from anywhere in the world. Give your employees more autonomy. Boost productivity with employee monitoring that helps you identify problem areas and employees costing you time and money.

employee monitoring
engagement tracking

Engagement Tracking

See the work getting done in real-time and keep in loop all the time with employee engagement tracking.

activity screenshots

Activity Screenshots

Get screenshots of your team members' systems to know the work progress and help them improve productivity.

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Project Budgeting

Get all your projects from Clockly or third-party services in one place for better organization and productivity measurement. Easily manage project budgets, tasks, and reporting.

project budgeting
project budget management

Project Budget Management

Keep track of all your projects and their budgets so that you never go overboard. Manage spendings and resources at one place.

automatic data collection

Automatic Data Collection

Get information on how your teams are performing on a particular project. Track spendings, get time spent, and much more at one central location.

task management

Task Management

Add all tasks from Clockly or your favourite third-party project management software to run time tracking.

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Online Timesheets

Quickly see detailed reports of the teams' activity and hours worked with online timesheets. Get a better understanding of the team's performance and opportunities for proper planning and execution.

online timesheets


Get the bird's eye view of all activities and employee work information to help you understand how your teams are performing.

detailed data

Detailed Data

Get in-depth data to make smarter decisions based on trustworthy data. Help your teams increase productivity by helping them to work on what matters the most.

manual entry

Manual Entry

Ensure the accuracy of online timesheets by adding manual time and the time tracked to clear all confusion.

export timesheets

Export Timesheets

Download or export timesheet to share with external parties or to keep record for yourself.

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Shift Scheduling

Schedule shifts effortlessly with employee scheduling software. Manage your team's working patterns, view or change their shifts in seconds to ensure maximum productivity.

shift scheduling
set schedules

Set Schedules

Set a schedule for your teams to help them get more productive and understand their priorities to reduce chances of any confusion.

view schedules

View Schedules

See all schedules created to analyze how your teams are logging in. Curb no-shows and keep increasing accountability with shift scheduling software.

flexible schedule

Flexible Schedule

Make changes to your schedules whenever you want with robust shift scheduling software. Adjust time offs, holidays, and much more instantly with just a few clicks.

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Employee Productivity

See how your teams are spending time on assigned tasks and projects. Get a complete overview of the work using productivity dashboards and performance metrics to ensure increased productivity.

employee productivity
time charts

Time Charts

Get an overview of time getting spent on various verticals. Make plans accordingly to ensure your teams are working on the priorities.

productivity analysis

Productivity Analysis

Quickly get an overview of how your teams are performing and measure productivity accordingly by tracking hours worked and other such pointers.

dashboard and timeline views

Dashboard and Timeline Views

Be on top of each and every activity of team members by getting a bird's eye view anytime you need. Make use of dashboards and timelines to analyze situation in minutes.

performance metrics

Performance Metrics

Measure your team's productivity by accurately analyzing productivity metrics such as hours tracked, time spent, and much more.

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Time Tracking Reports

Use in-depth analytics to perform changes based on actionable data. Easily export or share with team members with the help of exporting features.

time tracking reports
productivity reports

Productivity Reports

Retrieve detailed productivity analysis to know how your teams are performing and measure employee productivity.

user dashboard

User Dashboard

Get information on how you are performing your tasks, activities performed, and much more at one place.

team dashboard

Team Dashboard

See how your teams are working, activities performed, hours tracked, and more with team dashboard.

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