Time Tracking Reports

for better decision making

Make informed decisions with access to all of your employees' time and attendance data.

Time Tracking Reports

Make Informed Decisions

Retrieve important data and get deeper insights into how your team is performing.

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Check, track and analyse the progress of the projects with thorough reports on productive hours, completed tasks, earnings and more.

track team progress

Track Team Progress

Measure the progress of your team members with activity screenshots, mouse and keyboard analytics and more.

track project progress

Track Project Progress

Say goodbye to project delays with activity progress indicators, that allow you to keep track of project progress and performance.

monitor expenses

Monitor Expenses

Link operational and financial plans to track expenses and get insights to improve future project estimates and cost management.

What is Time Tracking Reports?

Time tracking allows you to keep track of the hours spent on individual tasks and on the project as a whole. This visibility helps you to assess the accuracy of work estimates and the effectiveness of your employees.

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